Director’s Message

Greetings from Young Officers!

It is my privilege to share with you my thoughts on being a Civil Servant and my journey towards achieving this milestone. There is one thing all great achievers have in common a dream, a passion or a goal. My dream was to be a Civil Servant. I believed in hard work, perseverance and I had a “fire in the belly” which helped me achieve my dream.
Through the years of service as an Officer and by being a trainer of Civil Service aspirants, I have had the unique privilege of meeting and interacting with educators, law makers and the other social influencers. It is with this collective wisdom my team and  I have been able to mentor many aspirants and help them own their dreams and to achieve them.
I have come to realize that the mindset for service needs to be fostered from a young age and hence I am excited to start this program which focuses on nurturing young minds. My team and I believe that there are 4’C’s which are required to be a successful Civil Servant: Competence, Character, Creativity and Courage. ‘Young Officers’ is designed to bring out these qualities in our young learners through our well- structured and informative curriculum, interactive class room sessions, guest lectures by Officers and people of influence, collaborative project work and personalized mentoring sessions.
In this digital era, where access to information is abounding, one most focus developing not only the mind but also strength of character. This is precisely why our efforts will be aimed at guiding young learners not only in improving their knowledge but also focus on fine tuning their skills and highlighting the importance of extracurricular activities, all aligned to reach their ultimate goal of becoming a Civil Servant.
As Martin Luther King said “Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great because greatness is determined by service.”

Wishing you a successful future as Officers of tomorrow!


R Rangarajan (IAS 2005),

Director – Young Officers.